Bid Credit for Standard Auctions

Earn bids just for participating. Even if you don’t win!

$1 of your first bid that is $1 or more will be added to your account as bid credit. You can use those bids with Reveal and Win at Zero auctions. For example: You bid $1 or more on a standard auction in our webstore. The auction closes and you are outbid and do not win. The winner pays for the auction and we credit your account $1 in bid credit. If you bid on 10 separate standard auctions in our webstore and are outbid on all of them you will receive $10 in bid credit when all winners pay for their items. As soon as the winning bidder pays for the item your account will be credited 5 bids totaling $1 You can earn bids on all Buy245 Standard Auctions that are featured in our Webstore.

Head over to and click on the webstore link. You can only earn bids on Buy245 Standard Auctions that are featured in our Webstore.


Notice this is a Standard Auction. We have several auction types. Reveal, Win at Zero, Standard, Fixed Price, Basic, Lot, Penny, and Group Sale. Free bid credit will only be awarded from Standard Auctions in our Webstore.



In this auction we have added $12 RESERVE to the title. A reserve is a minimum dollar figure needed before the item can be purchased. You will definitely want to look for these. In this case you would be able to bid up to $11 without being locked  into purchasing the item. However when the item does sell you would receive $1 in bid credit just for participating.

When you open up an individual auction you may notice the Auction Type. Remember only Standard Auctions in our Webstore qualify for bid credit. Once you place your bid your username will be listed under the (View history) link of that auction. When the auction closes and is paid for we will credit $1 to every user who bid $1 or more. 

How can bid credit be used? Bid credit can be used in our Win at Zero and Reveal auctions. The quickest way to find them is to use our search box.


Leave the search box empty and click the search button.

In the Type: box select Win at Zero and click search.


As you scroll through our Win at Zero auctions be sure to check out any Double winner items. When a Double winner auction closes we will randomly pick a winner from everyone who bids in addition to the bidder who brings the auction to zero.

With a Win at Zero auction the current price is hidden until the Reveal Lower Price is clicked. For this particular auction the starting price is $30 and the current price is unknown until revealed. 

In this example we can see the item has dropped from the starting price of $30 down to $9. The bidder who brings the price to $0 wins the auction.

Happy bidding!

Last updated on : 28/04/2020